Meet our chef

Catalina Brennan

Catalina was born in Madrid, where she lived part of her life, but she has a traveller´s heart. México, Uk, Brazil, Italy, Germany,Venezuela, Portugal, Florida, Netherlands,  Senegal, Tunisia are some of the countries she travelled to and made her home. All the different flavours she found along the way are present in her cooking. Together with her life philosophy,  "Kaizen" (Japanese for "good change") the philosophy of Continuous Improvement, which she prides in.

Finally she decided to settle down in the south of Gran Canaria. With it´s priviliged climate and incredible beaches, it receives a lot of tourism every year. She made it her work to "pamper" tourists with the tastiest food & best service.

She also caters to locals on celebrations and collaborates on Cooking Events and TV shows.

In addition, she does 1 to 1 cooking classes and helps you elaborate your own Dinner Party, even when abroad 😉

The Chef in 4 questions & answers


  Why are you a Private Chef?

   Because you are close to the people you cook for,

    it´s very emotional.

    Good food makes people happy and I get to 

    enjoy every part of it!

    Also you can tailor menus perfectly to the

    client´s needs.

Describe your cooking style

Very FRESH food, colourful, flavour focused, quite exciting!

Which are the ingredients you couldn´t live without?

Definitely, olive oil is one of them.

Fresh vegetables and fish also. You can make incredible mediterranean vegetable dishes with good  products. Fresh fish can be marinated, eaten as tataki, used for pies, croquettes, or simply grilled with some nice Canarian Potatoes and Red & Green Mojos.

I also like to play with ingredients that provide a lot of flavour, fresh ginger, fennel, limes, and many herbs.

Which is your most popular dish?

Ceviche! Marinated fresh seasonal fish, with cherry tomatos, avocado, mango, lime,fresh ginger, coriander, etc. I set it on top of a base of mashed sweet potato and you eat it with nachos, it´s fun and different. Everybody loves it!



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